Who Is Lori Jenkins And What Brought Her In The News?

The Jenkins family has been implicated in several highly publicised murders in Nebraska, which has resulted in public interest and outrage. So how is Lori related to the Jenkins family?

Lori Jenkins has frequently appeared in news headlines due to her connection to her son, Nikko Jenkins, who has been convicted of four murders. Lori is currently serving a prison sentence of 10 years for assisting in a criminal offence.

The Jenkins family has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous families in the United States, with several members having been convicted of various crimes. According to some sources, as many as 38 family members have been convicted of crimes, although the number is officially reported as 7.

Lori Jenkins is currently serving a prison sentence for purchasing the bullets used by her son in a series of murders, although she has consistently denied any involvement in the crimes.

A Quick Overview of Lori Jenkins

  • Lori Jenkins has often been in the news because of her relationship to her son, Nikko Jenkins, who has been found guilty of committing four murders.
  • She is mother to Erica Jenkins and Melonie Jenkins who are already in the news for criminal activities.
  • Lori is currently serving a prison sentence of 10 years for helping in a criminal activity. The judge handling her case has added an extra five to six years to her sentence.

Biography Of Lori Jenkins

It is said that she was born in the United States. She is a very private person and has not shared much information about her personal life, including the names of her parents, the schools she attended, and whether or not she has any siblings.

Age Of Lori Jenkins

Lori Jenkins was born in 1970, but the specific date of her birth is not publicly known. As of 2022, Lori Jenkins is 52 years old.

Birth NameLori Jenkins
Date Of Birth1970
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Age52 years
Zodiac SignNot Known
Current ResidenceOmaha
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
Relationship statusDivorced
Ex-SpouseDavid Magee
ChildrenNikko Jenkins, Erica Jenkins, Melonie Jenkins

Who Is Lori Jenkins’ Husband?

Lori Jenkins has never married. However, she had a relationship with a man named David Magee, with whom she had six children. Despite their relationship, they never became a couple. It has been reported that Lori Jenkins and David Magee raised their children in a difficult and crime-ridden environment.

David Magee had a history of committing violent crimes and the Jenkins family, including the parents, had been involved in a number of criminal offences over the past 40 years. They raised their children in an environment of violence and abuse, and have also participated in other illegal activities.

Unfortunately, David A. Magee passed away in 2009. At the time of his death, he was a convicted felon and had also been charged with making terroristic threats.

Children Of Lori Jenkins

Lori is the mother of six children, one son and five daughters. Four of her children, Nikko, Erica, Melonie, and Lori “Lolo” Sayles, are known to the public and have been convicted of crimes.

The other two children have kept their lives private and may not be closely connected with their convicted family members, who are serving jail sentences. Despite her family’s reputation as one of the most troubled in history, Lori is a proud mother of six.

Daughter Of Lori Jenkins: Erica Jenkins

Erica Jenkins grew up in Omaha and was exposed to criminal behaviour at a young age, which she eventually began participating in. She came from a large family and did not have a positive role model to guide her.

Image: Erica Jenkins
Image Source: Briefly news

In 2013, Erica Jenkins and Nikko Jenkins gained notoriety when they were charged with the murder of Curtis Bradford. Both siblings have a history of criminal activity, including involvement in homicides related to robbery.

Erica Jenkins is currently serving a life sentence in prison for murder at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York. She is also serving an additional sentence of 20 to 30 years for assaulting fellow inmate Christine Bordeaux, who is her cousin.

Son Of Lori Jenkins: Nikko Jenkins

In May 2017, Nikko Jenkins was sentenced to death by a panel of judges for his crimes. It has been five years since the sentence was given, and there have been no updates on the status of his execution.

Image: Nikko Jenkins
Image Source: xwhos.com

Jenkins was also given a 450-year prison sentence on weapons charges related to the murders. He is currently being held at the Nebraska Correctional facility, where his lawyers have argued that he is too mentally ill to be executed.

While in prison, Nikko has reportedly mutilated himself, including carving the number 666 on his forehead.

Daughter Of Lori Jenkins: Melonie Jenkins

Melonie Jenkins was taken into custody and her three young children were placed in the care of child protective services. In the past, Melonie Jenkins was convicted of robbery and was involved in a carjacking incident as a juvenile.

Image: Melonie Jenkins
Image Source: ghbase.com

Despite her criminal history, Melonie Jenkins is currently not facing any criminal charges and is living freely. This is in contrast to some of her family members, who have also been involved in criminal activity.

Overall Family History Of Lori Jenkins

Levi Levering is the great great father-in-law of Lori Jenkins. He was a respected leader within the Omaha tribe who advocated for the rights of tribal members and successfully lobbied Congress in 1920 to protect their rights to their land. Levi Levering had a significant influence in the region from Macy, Nebraska to Washington D.C.

Some of Jenkins’ family members, including two daughters, a niece, and a brother in law, have been charged in connection with a series of murders in Omaha, Nebraska.

Image Source: Celebrities buzz

An investigation by the Omaha World-Herald newspaper found that 38 individuals descended from Levi Levering have been convicted of 633 crimes in Omaha since 1979, costing taxpayers at least $2.8 million in prison and jail expenses alone.

What Did Lori Jenkins Do?

Lori Jenkins from Omaha is a convicted felon who is currently serving a 10-year federal prison sentence for being an accessory to a crime. She is believed to have purchased the gun that was used to commit murder by one of her children shortly after their release from prison in 2013. The murders resulted in the deaths of four innocent people.

Image Source: YouTube

Nikko was sentenced to death and an additional 450 years in prison for the murders of Juan Uribe-Pena, Curtis Bradford, Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, and Andrea Kruger. He has a long history of criminal activity and is currently on death row in Nebraska.

Lori was implicated in her son’s crimes as an accomplice, as she is accused of purchasing the weapons used in the murders and covering up the evidence of this purchase. She has spoken about her alleged involvement and her son’s crimes in court.

Lori denies having disposed of evidence or purchasing ammunition for Nikko Jenkins, and claims that she has never allowed anyone to use her guns, which she keeps for her own protection.

She apologised to the victims and admitted to her wrongdoing, stating that the only connection she had to the situation was that the perpetrator was her son and that she was not responsible for his actions.

Lori Jenkins’ Sentence

Image Source: Omaha World Herald

“In 2015, Lori was found guilty of two counts of being an accessory to the crime.

She was charged for concealing the records of the purchase of the guns used by Nikko to murder four people, and for helping to dispose of the clothes that had gun residue on them.

These crimes will result in her being imprisoned until 2028. The clothes belonged to Christine Bordeaux, who was unknowingly involved in the crime and later testified against the Jenkins siblings, along with Erika.

Where Is Lori Jenkins?

Lori Jenkins has gained fame due to her involvement in her son Nikko’s shooting spree as an accomplice. She is alleged to have hidden evidence linking her son to the murders.

Lori is currently serving a 10-year federal prison sentence, which was pronounced in the Douglas County District Court. Judge Peter Battalion subsequently added an additional 5 to 6 years to her sentence, so she is expected to be released in 2028.

However, Lori Jenkins’ lawyer has not yet appealed the ruling or made any public statements about it.

Lori’s Educational Background

There is no information available to the public about Lori Jenkins education, so it is unclear if she has any formal education or not.

Lori Jenkins’s Career

There is no information available about whether Lori Jenkins is involved in any legal profession. However, there have been suggestions that she may be involved in various types of criminal activity from early days, as her family has a history of involvement in violent crimes.

Lori Jenkins’s Net Worth

Lori Jenkins’ net worth cannot be accurately determined as there is no publicly available information about her income sources or involvement in any legal profession.

By: Richa Singh

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