Nikko Jenkins Sister, Melonie Jenkins: Where Is She Now?

It is generally expected that family members are honest and supportive of each other, regardless of any conflicts or issues they may have. In this article, you will learn the reasons behind Jenkins’ “change of heart.”

Melonie Jenkins has a family history of criminal activity and has herself been convicted of a crime. She has never known a life outside of criminal behaviour because her parents and their ancestors were deeply involved in criminal activity. Four of her siblings have also been imprisoned for various offences.

Melonie Jenkins was used to her siblings causing trouble and making her pay for it, but she eventually became fed up with this behaviour and gave them up.

Bio Summary of Melonie Jenkins

Birth NameMelonie Jenkins
Date of Birth14/02/1988
Age36 (as of 2024)
BirthplaceOmaha, Nebraska, United States of America
HometownOmaha, Nebraska, United States of America
ProfessionSerial criminal
Current ResidenceUnited States of America
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac SignAquarius
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourDark Brown
FatherDavid A. Magee
MotherLori Jenkins
ChildrenThree kids
SiblingsNikko Jenkins, and Erica Jenkins

What Is the Reason Behind the Fame of Melonie Jenkins?

Melonie Jenkins is the sister of Nikko Jenkins, who is known as an American spree killer convicted of four murders in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013.

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Melonie Jenkins was born on February 14, 1988, in the United States to David A. Magee Sr. and Lori Jenkins. As of 2022, she is 34 years old and has three children. She was raised in Omaha, Nebraska with five siblings, including Nikko and Erica.

Melonie’s family has a past of involvement in criminal activities and connections to criminal activity. Melonie’s mother Lori Jenkins ( now 52 years old) was convicted of helping her son cover up his killing spree by giving him gasoline to burn a stolen car.

The court recognized that Melonie was unaware of the intended use of the gas during her mother Lori’s trial. Despite this, she was still given a prison sentence of five to six years, in addition to the ten-year sentence, she was already serving for her involvement in the unlawful possession of ammunition.

Image: Lori Jenkins (Melonie’s mother)
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The Jenkins family members are related to the well-to-do family, who were respected in Omaha, Nebraska. However, the Jenkins family has been involved in various criminal activities such as child neglect, drug abuse, theft, and murder, which has damaged their reputation.

Melonie Jenkins’ Father, David Magee

Melonie Jenkins’ father, David Magee, was known for committing several violent crimes throughout his life. He and Lori had six children together, but they were never married.

Over the past 40 years, the Jenkins family has been involved in numerous criminal offenses. The parents have raised their children through violent and abusive means and have engaged in other illegal activities.

What Crime Did Melonie Jenkins Commit?

Melonie Jenkins was arrested while she had three children under the age of 7. The children were placed in child protective custody. Before this, Melonie was a juvenile in 2003 when she and her sister Erica and another cousin stole a car. In 2005, she was also convicted of robbery.

Melonie Jenkins was arrested a few days after being released from prison for her involvement in her brother Nikko’s murder of four people in 2013. The prosecution was able to track phone calls she made to a woman connected to the crime, leading to her arrest.

Lori Jenkins, Melonie Jenkins’ mother, also made several calls to the woman in the 24 hours leading up to Melonie’s arrest. During the trial in 2014, both Melonie Jenkins and Lori Jenkins denied threatening the woman and claimed they were trying to convince her to drop the charges.

Melonie Jenkins had recently been released on bail for making terroristic threats when she was arrested for trying to assist her brother in avoiding punishment for a crime he had committed. She claimed that she was not trying to hide his crimes, but rather trying to prevent any more deaths.

Melonie Jenkins’ Criminal Activities with Her Siblings

Before the arrest of Nikko, Erica, and five other relatives in connection with four murders in late August, some members of the family met at an aunt’s house near 52nd Street and Ames Avenue. Nikko and Erica reportedly told their family that they believed the police were aware of their involvement in the crimes.

According to Melonie Jenkins, her brother and sister were worried and seemed to be looking over their shoulders as if someone was after them. Nikko, in particular, had been questioned about the death of Curtis Bradford following a workout at the gym. Erica told Melonie to get out of town as the police were after them.

As they left their aunt’s house, an unmarked police cruiser followed Melonie Jenkins and her brother Nikko, who were in a truck, as well as Erica and their mother Lori Jenkins, who were traveling in a maroon Ford Taurus.

Melonie Jenkins stated that the Jenkins family knew right away that the police were following them. Erica called Melonie and asked her to turn left to see if the police would follow, and they did.

According to Melonie Jenkins, at that point, Nikko, 28, began unzipping his Louis Vuitton bag and preparing his firearm in the back seat. Melonie testified that Nikko said he was going to get out and start shooting the police. Melonie did not stop the car, and Lori Jenkins blocked the police car from both lanes of traffic, according to Melonie’s testimony.

Before this incident, Melonie, 26, claimed that Erica, 24, admitted to shooting and killing Bradford along with Nikko. Melonie also said she had seen guns owned by Erica and Nikko.

During her testimony against her siblings, Melonie Jenkins provided a full account of the events. However, the defense lawyer tried to catch her in a lie. Melonie admitted to lying in the past to protect her siblings but insisted that she was telling the truth on this occasion.

What Did Melonie Jenkins Do at The Later Stage of the Case Involving Erica Jenkins and Nikko Jenkins?

Melonie at 26 years, revealed that her sister informed her about the murder of Bradford as a precautionary measure to ensure her safety. Erica and Nikko were concerned that Bradford’s friends might seek revenge, and therefore Erica advised Melonie to avoid interacting with Bradford’s friends if she encountered them.

During Melonie’s testimony, the defense repeatedly attempted to catch her off guard and undermine her credibility. Sean Conway, the public defender representing Erica Jenkins, argued that Melonie’s statements regarding Bradford’s murder had been inconsistent.

Melonie admitted that she has lied in the past to protect her siblings, but she insisted that she is not lying about Erica’s involvement in Bradford’s death. Melonie stated that Nikko and Erica have caused her a lot of problems over the years, and she is tired of being blamed for things that she didn’t do.

Melonie was convicted of a felony robbery offense in 2005, and as a juvenile, she was found to be involved in a 2003 carjacking incident in which she, Erica, and a cousin used a stun gun to attack a woman and stole her car.

Melonie later stated that she is not comfortable with the idea of testifying, but she is no longer willing to withhold information to protect her family.

Where Is Melonie Jenkins Now?

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Melonie Jenkins, the sister of Nikko Jenkins, is now free. At the time of her arrest in connection with her involvement in Nikko’s crimes, she had three children under the age of seven. It is not known if she is married. Melonie is not active on social media and has been living a private life away from the media.

Her Educational Background

It is not currently known to the public what Melonie Jenkins’ educational background is. As such, it is not currently known whether or not Melonie is educated.

Melonie Jenkins Career

It is not known whether Melonie Jenkins is involved in any legal profession. However, it has been suggested that Melonie may be involved in various types of criminal activity, as her family has a history of involvement in violent crimes.

Melonie Jenkins Relationship Status

Despite having three children, there is no publicly available information about Melonie Jenkins’ marital status or involvement in any romantic relationships. It appears that she is currently single and enjoying her freedom.

Melonie Jenkins Physical Stats

There is no publicly available information about Melonie Jenkins’ physical appearance, including her height, weight, and body measurements.

Melonie Jenkins’s Net Worth

It is not possible to estimate Melonie Jenkins’ net worth as she has not publicly disclosed her income sources. Additionally, as she is not known to be involved in any legal profession, it is not possible to estimate her net worth.

Melonie Jenkins is now living a free life without any criminal charges, unlike her parents and siblings!

By: Richa Singh

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