Dr. Shameena Rahman

I am a PhD holder in Electronics. I am a teacher, researcher, youtuber and content writer.

I help students to explore their academic and career goals. When my profession fulfills my academic interests, I fulfill my passion for content creation through Youtube, Instagram, and Content Writing.

I love social media and believe that its influence on common people is immense. I was happy with my previous job. But with an aspiration to become an entrepreneur, when the lockdown came, I got more time to work on social media.

I started my youtube channel in 2020 May, when the country was in lockdown. I enjoyed the process. So, I uploaded videos continuously. I usually post-career and educational videos.

I am happy that I was able to help lots of students to choose the courses suitable for them.

Later in October 2020, I started a channel for vlogs too. I post regularly on both my channels. From May 2021, I started to offer content writing services too.

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Articles Written

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2. Everything you should know about Saudi Arabia Flag

3. Qatar Flag: Past and the Present