A Political Author is a writer or creator of content pertaining to politics. Two things can get you there- one being academic or work qualifications and another is interest in the subject.

Academic Qualification that helps you to become a political writer- A bachelor’s degree in the subject – Political Science, Public Administration, Peace & Conflict Studies, International Relations etc. If you are working and want to pursue the subject academically, then it would be advisable to do a course that is remoted based or is distance learning.

An interest in Politics can also land you a job as a writer. Either you can work as a freelance political author, full-time political author, or a self-employed political author.

Working as a freelancer, will help you to pick up work per project base which can be flexible. As a full-timer, you can ensure that work is constant, and remuneration stays fixed. Self-employed is the hardest category to start with which will involve a lot of efforts but if done right, can reap a lot of rewards. While a freelancer may be considered to be self-employed but being self-employed in the true sense makes you sure that you can find work and is remunerated well for it.

Remember, just because you don’t take an interest in politics, then doesn’t mean politics doesn’t play an important role in your life.

Presenting the Political Authors of AMLP Verse:

Bhumika Katyayan
Dr. Shameena Rahman
Heena Parveen
Jasleen Kaur
Kajal Agarwal
Kester Pereira
Kiran Narayan
Mahima Rabia
Pallabi Devi
Priyanka Shah
Richa Singh
Srijani Das
Varun Solanki

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