4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wireline Service Provider

Having the right wireline service provider means getting accurate data and efficient operations with reduced downtime. It also means safety for workers and, ultimately, good profits. Yet, with many options, which criteria to use to settle on a provider can be confusing. Here are four factors you should consider when selecting a wireline service provider.

Factor #1: Proven Track Record

Like any other business, a history of delivering results is the most critical measurement you should use when looking for a partner. A good track record says a provider has what it takes to maintain successful operations. Experience often translates to a deeper understanding of common challenges in the industry and potential solutions. For instance, Renegade Wireline Services grew from humble beginnings in 2009 to become the largest independent service provider for cased-hole services in the U.S. You can check for a company’s track record by hearing from previous clients and checking the industry’s reputation.

Factor #2: Diversity of Services

Hiring multiple wireline service providers will only be costly and time-consuming in the long term. It’s best to work with one provider who offers a range of the services you need. For example, they can provide evaluation, logging, and automation. Providers who offer a range of services are a single-source solution, which means you don’t spend time coordinating different providers. It also means you’ll get an integrated approach to reservoir management because they can do reservoir evaluation.

Factor #3: Stringent Safety Standards

The wireline service industry has a history of safety incidents and injuries. According to a CDC study, 60% of crash fatalities in the oil and gas industry between 2014 and 2019 were workers in well-servicing companies. Companies in such high-risk fields show commitment to preserving human life and protecting property through stringent safety standards. It’s not enough to print safety rules and plaster them on walls. Instead, look for a company demonstrating its safety commitment through facts and statistics.

Factor #4: Modern and Advanced Wireline Technology

Your business deserves modern and advanced wireline technology if you want to succeed. You are pointing your business towards extinction if you work with a provider reliant on outdated sensors and worn-out perforating systems. Older tools will give inaccurate data that makes decision-making more challenging. A partner with modern equipment means more accuracy, safety, and efficiency. When everything is right, you are guaranteed your workers will be safe and operations will run smoothly.

Take Away

The first step in planning for well operations is getting exemplary wireline service. With so many things that could go wrong, it’s best to start with a partner who:

  • Has vast experience in the industry
  • Has an appreciation and commitment to safety
  • Offers a range of services beneficial to your firm
  • Uses modern and advanced technology

If you are looking for reliable wireline services, look no further. Renegade Wireline Service has proved the best among equals. Visit Renegade Wireline Service for more information.

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