Mahima Rabia

Hello, reader!

I am Mahima Rabia, a story-savvy, who thrives on stories of all sorts- political, human interest, climate action, latest developments in laws across the world & the way it impacts the lives of humankind, and much more. After all, what keeps the world together in today’s times are information & stories!

For my academics, I have done my master’s in journalism and mass communication from Pune University, Maharashtra (India).

I have been working in the field of media & communications for the past three years, with a major experience in content writing.

When I’m not engaged in a professional task, you could find me somewhere reading a book, satiating my sweet tooth, travelling in the greens or making dance videos for fun. And yes, I never miss a chance to emcee at events!

Articles Written

1. Questions Surrounding Carl Azuz from CNN 10

2. You think you know Richard Quest?

3. Kim Brunhuber: From CBC to CNN