Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Priyanka Shah

shah priyanka

Hey!! I’m Priyanka Shah.

I’m a curious soul who has always been interested to know more about politics.

From a young age, I was fascinated by the way people and governments interacted with each other, and how the decisions they made could affect the world around us. As I grew older, this interest only grew stronger, and I found myself constantly seeking out more information about the political world.

Learning about politics has giving me the understanding that one must be willing to engage with a wide range of ideas and opinions, and to critically evaluate them. This kind of engagement is essential for becoming an informed and engaged citizen, and for making a positive impact in the world.

As I continue to learn and engage with politics, I hope to use this knowledge and passion to make a positive impact in my community and in the wider world.

Articles Written

1. DarkMatter: Cybersecurity and Espionage?

2. The Tricolour Tale: Exploring the Meaning and Symbolism behind the Flag of India

3. The Serapis Flag: A Symbol of American Courage

4. Exploring the Significance Behind the Nepalese Flag

5. The Rich Tapestry of State Mottos in the United States

6. The Meaning Behind Alaska’s State Motto: Understanding ‘North to the Future’

7. Uncovering Utah’s Unique State Motto

8. Unpacking Arkansas’ State Motto: What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter?

9. The White Revolution in India: A Comprehensive Overview