Srijani Das

Hello, my name is Srijani Das, a graduate of English Literature from Amity University.

As a Literature student, my interests mostly lie in worldly fields like social issues, laws, politics and psychology.

I gained a range of skills such as researching and writing, especially critical writing throughout the course of my three-year degree and had several opportunities to refine them.

Some of my favorite pastimes include playing word puzzles, listening to music and audiostories, meditating, pursuing recreational photography and cooking to name a few.

I strive to contribute to the community diligently, sincerely and meaningfully through a formal platform in an exercise of self determination and self refinement, nested within my purpose of fulfilment, enlightenment and holistic harmony.

Articles Written

1. An Introduction to the History of Kansas Flag

2. History, Meaning & Symbolism of Kentucky flag

3. Louisiana Flag 101: The Essential Guide

4. What is Montana’s state flag?

5. A Brief Overview of Rhode Island Flag