Boris Kipriyanovich: A Genius Who Claims He Is From Mars!

Boris Kipriyanovich, a person from the Volgograd region of Russia, has made many strange claims about both the past and the future that have left researchers who have studied him confused and bewildered.

A 26-year-old Russian man named Boriska Kipriyanovich has claimed that he is from Mars and was born into a now-extinct Martian race. He has shared details about his Martian heritage and life on the red planet. Let’s know in detail who Boris is and what his claims are!

A Quick Overview of Boris Kipriyanovich

  • Boris Kipriyanovich is a Russian boy who has made claims about being from Mars and being a member of a now-extinct Martian race.
  • He has shared details about his Martian heritage and life on the red planet.
  • According to Boris, Martians live underground because their surface environment was destroyed by radiation from a nuclear war. He is not the only extraterrestrial child on Earth. He claims others like him were sent to Earth with the mission of saving humanity.
  • There have been some media reports stating that he has an IQ of 200, although this has not been officially confirmed.
  • Boris has got attention on social media for his unusual beliefs and extensive knowledge of astronomy.

His Mother’s Claim

Image: Boriska Kipriyanovich
Image Source: YouTube/ Project Camelot

A young Genius child has claimed that he is actually from Mars and has come to Earth to prevent a nuclear disaster!

According to his mother, there were indications that “Boriska” (also known as Little Boris) was different from other children at the time of his birth on January 11, 1996.

She stated that the birth process was very quick and she did not feel any pain. When she saw the child, she was surprised to see that he was looking at her with the eyes of an adult.

She noted that, as a doctor, she knew that babies are not able to focus their eyes on objects, but her child was able to do so and was looking at her with his large, brown eyes.

She said that by the age of four months, he was able to speak simple words, and by eight months, he was able to form simple sentences. When he was one year old, he was able to read simple newspaper headlines.

Boris is said to have had exceptional psychic abilities, which initially concerned his parents. However, they eventually came to believe that he was not a typical child, but rather a special or divine child with an exceptional brain.

It is reported that he has a strong interest in celestial objects and frequently discusses unusual astronomical phenomena.

He has also demonstrated in-depth knowledge about Mars, planetary systems, other civilizations, and unidentified extraterrestrial objects. He demonstrated exceptional language abilities at the age of two and began discussing the universe at the age of three.

All About Boris Kipriyanovich

The young person has spoken about his past life on Mars and claimed that the Martian civilization is highly advanced and can travel across galaxies.

As technology has advanced and tensions have risen between various countries, the possibility of a nuclear war has become a significant concern. Such a war could threaten the very existence of humanity on Earth. However, it has been suggested that humans may have a protector from Mars who could help prevent a nuclear war from occurring.

He has also claimed that he is not a human, but rather an extraterrestrial being who has come to Earth from Mars to save the world from the threat of nuclear destruction. He has got attention on social media for his unusual beliefs and extensive knowledge of astronomy.

Boris Is An Indigo Child

Image Source: Instagram

A 26-year-old Russian boy named Boriska Kipriyanovich has caused confusion among scientists worldwide with his claims that he is from Mars. He lives in Volgograd, Russia, and asserts that he was previously a resident of the red planet before being reborn on Earth with the mission of saving humanity. Here is more information about Boriska Kipriyanovich and his claims to be from Mars.

Boris has claimed that he previously lived on Mars with the inhabitants of the planet, known as Martians, who can travel through space. He has also stated that he is one of the “Indigo Children,” sent to Earth to protect humanity from extinction. He has visited Earth numerous times in the past, including during the Lemurian period. In this period, there was a continent Lemuria which is a fictional continent believed to have existed under the Indian Ocean millions of years ago.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, who was born in 1996, is a boy who claims to be a genius from Mars. His mother, who is a doctor, has said that she always felt that there was something special about him. In an interview with a well-known media outlet, she stated that Boriska Kipriyanovich began speaking just a few months after he was born.

Boriska Kipriyanovich’s mother also mentioned that he was able to read, draw, and paint by the age of 18 months. When he was in kindergarten at the age of two, his teachers were amazed by his exceptional writing skills and language learning abilities. In a 2017 interview with a media outlet, one of Boriska’s kindergarten teachers revealed that he had impressive memory abilities.

Boriska Kipriyanovich Was Known To Speak At Length About Mars

Image Source: Instagram

According to his parents, they did not teach Boris Kipriyanovich about space when he was a child. However, he would frequently have lengthy conversations with them about Mars. As his interest in space and Mars specifically grew, Boris began to claim that he was from the red planet. A media outlet has reported that he has a strong understanding of planetary systems and space in general.

Boris Kipriyanovich Has Made Claims About Mars And The Martian Race

Boris Kipriyanovich, who has been nicknamed “The giant boy from Mars” by internet users due to his tall stature, has claimed that he has been sent by the Martian race to prevent humans from destroying their own race through a nuclear war. According to him, his own Martian race was almost completely wiped out thousands of years ago as a result of nuclear warfare. The boy from Mars has warned that if humans do not address the issue of nuclear power struggles, they will suffer the same fate as the Martians.

In addition, Boris Kipriyanovich has claimed that he is not the only child from outer space who has been sent on a mission to Earth. He has stated that many other children like him have been reincarnated from the Martian race and are known as “Indigo Children.” Boris has also claimed that there are a few Martians who survived the nuclear war and are still living on Mars.

In a surprising claim, the boy has said that many Martians are immortal and stop ageing at 35 years old. He has also stated that they are all extremely tall and able to travel through space. Boriska (also called, Boris) has claimed that he remembers being 14 or 15 years old on Mars and participating in air raids with his friends during a time when the Martians were at war.

There have been some media reports stating that Boriska Kipriyanovich has an IQ of 200, although this has not been officially confirmed. According to Boriska, Martians can travel through time and space and have access to advanced spaceships. He has also claimed that these Martian spaceships are very complex.

He Talks About Advanced Spaceships

Boris is said to have built a spacecraft that he says has six layers, with the outer layer made of 25% solid metal, the second layer made of 30% something similar to rubber, and the third layer made of 30% metal. The last layer is made up of 4% of a special magnetic layer that, if energized, would allow the spacecraft to travel anywhere in the universe.

Researchers from the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and the Radio Waves at the Russian Academy of Sciences have studied Boris and, after photographing his aura, concluded that he has some “unusually strong” vibrations.

Was Everything True What Boris Said?

Boris has also claimed that he witnessed the end of the Lemurian Civilization about 70,000 years ago. Initially, his parents did not believe him, but they later found that the things he said were accurate after researching them.

Researchers from the Institute of Earth Magnetism, Ionosphere, and Radio-waves of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN) photographed Boris’ aura and found it to be unusually strong. They also found that his spectrogram was orange, which indicates that he is a very joyful person. This suggests that he is not a psychic patient or a mentally disturbed individual.

Where Is Boris Now?

Image Source: Instagram

Currently, both Boris and his mother are now missing. However, a media person has stated that they are living in an undisclosed and isolated village under Russian protection.

It has been reported that Boris regularly visits an Anomalous Zone on a mountain to fulfill his energy needs and that he enjoys reading about celestial objects and discussing strange astronomical phenomena.

According to Boris, he had visited Earth during the time of the Lemurian Civilization, a hypothetical prehistoric civilization that is believed to have existed on a lost continent called Lemuria in either the Indian or Pacific Ocean.

Talking about the Lemurian Civilization, Boris has also described the lifestyle of the Martians, saying that they cannot breathe oxygen because it causes them to age rapidly. He claims that Martians stay young for 30-35 years.

His claims are intriguing, right? Let us know in the comment section about your views on this “Indigo Child”!

By: Richa Singh

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