Shahnaz Husain: The Herbal Queen

Shahnaz Hussain is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has received worldwide acclaim for her pioneering the Herbal Beauty Movement and expanding India’s herbal legacy of Ayurveda worldwide. Through retail outlets, salons, and beauty training academies she distributes her line of organic Ayurvedic health and beauty products.

She studied cosmetic therapy and cosmetology at esteemed institutions such as Helena Rubinstein, Schwarzkopf and Lancome in cities such as London, Paris and New York.

She is a pioneer in the realm of herbal beauty

Shahnaz Husain, an entrepreneurial self-made woman, has earned worldwide acclaim for revolutionising herbal beauty products. Her work has brought India’s rich Ayurvedic heritage into mainstream international beauty care practices and to international markets worldwide. Additionally, her company boasts a vast global network of franchise salons, schools, spas and direct product distribution outlets that all boast quality Ayurveda treatments.

Shahnaz Husain has created more than 375 Ayurvedic formulations, known for their therapeutic benefits and quality and efficacy, for general beauty care, skin disorders, hair treatment and health purposes. These products adhere to Ayurved principles of care and cure. One of the most well-renowned product is Shabase.

She holds an immense presence in the West with products available at top department store Selfridges in London as well as her exclusive beauty clinics on Harley Street. Additionally, they can be found at other prestigious stores and sold across over 100 countries.

Husain was born into an aristocratic family and received an excellent education, graduating from La Martiniere in Lucknow and Queen Mary’s, an Irish convent, in Allahabad. Following that she attended an acclaimed beauty school in Tehran but could not afford tuition fees. Realising this was her only way of fulfilling her dreams she decided to establish her own business instead.

Shahnaz Husain has earned international respect as an entrepreneur dedicated to Ayurvedic beauty over five decades of work, thanks to her entrepreneurialism and devotion. Her tireless spirit and profound commitment to giving back have become models for budding entrepreneurs around the world.

Though she had several celebrity clients, none was quite as special to Shahnaz Husain as her friendship with Mrs Indira Gandhi (late Indian Prime Minister). Shahnaz Husain received a call from Mrs Gandhi’s secretary asking her to visit at her home; when she arrived she brought along some products of hers which soon became regular items at Mrs Gandhi’s residence.

People may recognize Shahnaz Husain by her long shocks of red hair. But they might not understand her impressive achievements and dedication to Ayurvedic beauty care.

She is an entrepreneur

Shahnaz Husain has established herself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India, earning international acclaim with her story and achievements. A pioneer of the herbal beauty movement, she brought Indian herbal heritage to a wider audience via her brand: Shahnaz Husain Herbal Beauty Products has become a household name and serves as an example for other entrepreneurs worldwide. In recognition of her contributions, she has won multiple awards within the industry while being active philanthropically; her foundation contributes funds to various charities worldwide.

Husain began her business venture as a perfumery counter on consignment at London’s Selfridges, which quickly proved so successful that all inventory sold out within three days – marking an early step in expanding her eponymous company globally, now available at such high-profile stores as Harrods, Selfridges, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Japan’s Seibu chain and Milan’s La Rinascente – with numerous awards and recognition including Success Magazine’s World’s Greatest Entrepreneur Award from Success Magazine in New York!

Husain has served as a mentor to young women pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, even speaking at Harvard University. Husain believes that entrepreneurs don’t come into existence overnight but rather are created through hard work and persistence; she adopts a positive outlook toward problems rather than seeing them as barriers; instead seeing these issues as openings to great opportunity.

Husain has endured her share of sorrow. Her first husband, Nasir Husain, passed away of a heart attack in 1999 while Sameer committed suicide in Patna in 2008. Since then her daughter Nelofar Currimbhoy has continued her mother’s legacy by writing Flame: My Mother’s Legacy.

Husain has not only developed her namesake brand but has also established other businesses. She maintains an international network of over 30,000 retail outlets, franchise salons, and beauty training academies to distribute her 380 organic Ayurvedic herbal health and beauty formulas that adhere to “natural care and cure”. Furthermore, Husain shows great dedication to charitable initiatives through the Husain Foundation’s numerous charity initiatives.

She is a mother

Mothers play an invaluable role in their children’s lives. She teaches them the value of love while nurturing and guiding them in their endeavors, encouraging independence. Children rely on them when faced with difficulties or fears – her unconditional love knows no bounds, as many mothers never give up on their kids!

Shahnaz Hussain was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on November 5, 1944 to Justice Nasir Ullah Beg, former Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court and Sayeeda Begum – daughter of Hyderabad army’s Commander-in-Chief – who received their early education at St Mary’s Convent Inter College Prayagraj before marrying at an early age and giving birth. She would become motherhood later.

She has achieved international renown for pioneering the herbal beauty movement and spreading India’s ancient healing system of Ayurveda worldwide. She has given speeches at Harvard University and attended red carpet events such as Cannes Film Festival. Furthermore, she represented her nation at President Obama’s World Summit of Entrepreneurs hosted by President Obama.

She found inspiration during her training as a cosmetic therapist and cosmetologist at esteemed institutions such as Helena Rubinstein, Schwarzkopf, Christine Valmy and Lancome to formulate a line of products based on Ayurvedic principles to offer to clients.

Women’s World was initially launched from her veranda at home; quickly though, it flourished into a multinational enterprise with branches in London’s Selfridges and Paris’ Galeries Lafayette stores as well as Delhi’s Laxmi Narayan department store – and was frequently frequented by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi herself!

Sameer Hussain, a rapper and author, took his life by suicide in 2008. Her daughter Nelofar Currimbhoy served as Sameer’s protege and is authoring her mother’s biography “Flame.” Today, Nelofar’s company boasts more than 600 franchise clinics, stores, schools, spas and natural beauty products worldwide.

She is a role model

Shahnaz Husain’s story is an inspiring one. A beauty guru with her own line of herbal beauty products and treatments, Shahnaz is considered a pioneer of herbal beauty care and has won worldwide praise for her efforts. Additionally, she established one of the largest organizations in this field – with franchise clinics, shops, schools and spas under its banner as well as offering Ayurved formulations for skin, hair and body care needs.

Husain first rose to fame among Indian women when she earned the moniker “poster girl” of Ayurvedic skin care after attending leading cosmetology institutions in the West for 10 years of training – working at Helena Rubinstein, Swarzkopf, and Christine Valmy among other places; here she gained insight into chemical treatments’ potential damage.

As her beauty business blossomed, she decided to expand her brand with ayurvedic products. Her first venture into international markets was through consigning perfumery counters at Selfridges London where her entire inventory sold within three days; since then she has expanded further by opening stores such as Paris’ Galeries Lafayette and Japan’s Seibu chain.

As her popularity and reputation increased, she eventually won Success Magazine’s World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur award – becoming the first female entrepreneur ever in its 107 year history to do so! Additionally, she received numerous other honors like Global Indian Congress Woman of the Millennium Award and Lifetime Achievement Award from IFAA Business Hall of Fame.

She is a tireless philanthropist, having established numerous schools for girls. Additionally, she stands up for women’s rights and speaks out against domestic violence. Furthermore, she remains committed to helping other women realize their goals and realize their full potential.

Though she has enjoyed great success, she has experienced her share of hardship. Her first husband, Nasir Husain, died in 1999 while Sameer Husain took his own life in 2008. Nelofar Currimbhoy now takes responsibility for carrying on the legacy of their business.

By: Priyanka Shah

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