Full-Service Christmas Light Company Providing Displays in Denver, CO

The holiday season is a magical time of year, with festive decorations and lights bringing warmth and cheer to homes across Denver, Colorado. As nights grow longer and days grow colder, brilliant light displays have a way of brightening spirits during the winter months. For homeowners looking to decorate their houses with beautiful outdoor Christmas lights without the hassle and danger of hanging them yourself, Brilliant Christmas Lights offers full-service holiday lighting in Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

Brilliant Christmas Lights has over ten years of experience installing breathtaking Christmas light displays on homes, trees, and bushes for customers wanting to spread seasonal joy to their neighborhoods. Their team handles everything from initial consultations to determine the scope of the project, specialized equipment to access high areas, to final installation and later takedown after the holidays. They use commercial grade C7, C9 strings of LED lights known for their vibrant colors, energy efficiency, and longevity to design one-of-a-kind displays customized to complement the aesthetics of each unique home.

Consultations Consider Home Architecture and Landscaping

The owner of Brilliant Christmas Lights personally meets with each customer to walk the property and discuss possibilities for spectacular light displays. He considers architectural and landscaping features to create a visually stunning and seamless design that enhances the beauty of the home. For example, on homes with gabled rooflines, he may suggest elegant icicle lights cascading over the edges or warm white spotlighting to emphasize distinctive geometric shapes. On landscapes with mature trees, colorful Christmas tree wraps often add dimension when synchronized to music. No matter the home’s unique characteristics, they incorporate lighting in creative ways to maximize visual impact.

Specialized Equipment for Optimal Light Placement

Installing Christmas light displays requires more equipment than just ladders for average households. The team utilizes several specialized lifts to access taller features of homes including:

  • Articulating boom lifts: Great for two to three story buildings, these self-propelled lifts have an adjustable arm to reach roof edges and higher exterior walls while providing a stable work platform up to 60 feet high.
  • Scissor lifts: More maneuverable than boom lifts and just as safe and stable, these lifts employ criss-crossed braces that smoothly raise up to 30 feet to provide access to rooflines, balconies, trees and other challenging features to spotlight.

Proper placement of Christmas lighting displays is essential not only for visual appeal, but for practicality and safety. With the right equipment operated by trained professionals, Brilliant Christmas Lights installs dazzling displays in all the right places.

Commercial Grade C7 and C9 LED Christmas Lights

The team at Christmas light company Denver CO uses only commercial grade C7 and C9 Christmas lights to design displays for clients throughout the area. These bulb sizes and shapes provide the quintessential Christmas light look, with C7 lights featuring the candle shape while C9 lights are smaller spheres. Both emit more brilliant light than traditional incandescent or mini bulb strings.

Brilliant Christmas Lights uses LED C7 and C9 bulbs exclusively for their vibrant colors, longevity, energy efficiency and durability:

  1. Vibrant colors: LED technology emits pure light on the color spectrum, resulting in crisp, clear hues like jewel tones. From rich reds and emerald greens to icy cool blues and whites, LED Christmas light colors are striking.
  2. Long lifespan: LED bulbs last up to ten times longer than incandescent lights, with a lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours. This durability saves money and storage hassle year after year.
  3. Energy efficient: Consuming up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, LED Christmas lights save on electricity costs and align with sustainability initiatives. This efficiency also allows the ability to connect more bulb strands without overloading circuits.
  4. Durable: With no filaments or glass bulbs to break, LED lights withstand harsh outdoor winter weather, high winds and rain year after year. Their plastic encasement makes them virtually shatterproof.

LED Christmas lights offer superior performance and ambiance for memorable light displays. Paired with creative custom designs by Brilliant Christmas Lights’ team, they deliver spectacular displays home owners love.

Synchronized Music & Light Shows

In addition to aesthetic displays blanketing homes in Christmas cheer, Brilliant Christmas Lighting coordinates lights to music, bringing dynamic magic to neighborhoods. Special computer programming allows the team to design shows precisely synchronized and sequenced to hand-selected songs played over an FM transmitter.

Homeowners can choose songs meaningful to them while the team handles the technological details to engineer a dazzling synchronized production. As melodies crescendo, lights intensify with color changes and effects timed to lyrics and rhythms. These computerized shows never get out of sequence and play reliably night after night delivering consistent musical magic neighbors love.

While the initial installation process takes precision and expertise, the finished product provides automatic entertainment nightly with just the flip of a switch – no complex computer or electrical know-how required after the experts complete the programming. Bring favorite carols or pop songs vibrantly to light this holiday season with musical light shows popular throughout Northern Colorado areas.

Responsible Installation & Removal

While brilliant light displays create atmosphere to embrace the Christmas spirit, the team at Brilliant Christmas Lights respects neighbor preferences and home aesthetics in their design and installation process. They thoughtfully plan routing of electrical cords and wires used for displays to minimize visibility against home exteriors. Materials blend harmoniously against varied architectural color schemes and styles so dazzling light designs enhance instead of overwhelm existing structures.

Light removal after the holiday season continues this conscientious service. With the same attention to detail applied at installation, the crew carefully disassembles each display component without damaging lawns, plants or exterior home features. Taking ownership from creative design concepts through responsible removal processes, Brilliant Christmas Lights delivers beautiful holiday lighting experiences while prioritizing aesthetics and function of treasured homes.

Serving Denver, CO plus Surrounding Areas

With a reputation for stunning light displays and personable professional service, this local Colorado light company installs unforgettable Christmas lighting across Denver plus nearby areas including:

  • Centennial
  • Aurora
  • Littleton
  • Englewood
  • Lakewood
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Lone Tree
  • Parker
  • Golden
  • Evergreen
  • Conifer
  • Morrison

Their expertise with homes of varying architecture and landscapes shines through in the diverse neighborhoods and cities showcasing their signature holiday displays. Homeowners desiring to ignite community cheer through professional lighting installations this Christmas season now through January rely on this five-star light company trusted throughout the greater Denver area.

Gifting Sparkling Holiday Memories

In our modern era of digital entertainment lighting up screens, family time enjoying vivid colors dancing across home exteriors beyond a screen provides connection. Dazzling Christmas light displays become treasured traditions as parents experience childlike wonder reflecting in little smiling faces. Grandparents watch knowingly as another generation creates nostalgia strolling neighborhood streets amid festive lights. And homeowners stand proudly sharing their holiday effort and cheer as friends stop by during Christmas light company Denver CO Near Me open house nights to mingle outdoors with hot cocoa, basking in the glow.

Full installations from experts at Brilliant Christmas Lights eliminate hassles so families gain more moments capturing wonder together. Trusted to deliver joyous lighting designs throughout Denver for over a decade, they gift homeowners the priceless traditions of lasting holiday memories. Shine peace and beauty to your neighborhood this Christmas season with custom lighting displays installed by Colorado’s premier holiday decor experts.

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