How Often to Power Wash Different Structures in Wexford PA

Keeping your home’s exterior surfaces clean is important for curb appeal, maintaining property values, and of course just making your house look nice. But how often should you break out the power washer and spray down those siding and paved surface with a strong blast of high-pressure water? When is it necessary and worth the effort?

In this guide, we’ll go over recommendations for how often to power wash a house and other structures in Wexford PA based on advice from the experts at Premier Power Cleaning. They service Power Washing Wexford PA Near Me and nearby areas with their professional power washing services.

How Often to Power Wash a House

The vinyl siding, painted wood siding, and brick and stone masonry on your home’s exterior can really take a beating from the elements. Dust, dirt, pollen, pollution, bird droppings, mold and mildew growth, spider webs and stains can accumulate and make your home look neglected and unappealing.

How frequently you should power wash a house depends on a number of factors:

· Type of siding material – vinyl vs wood vs brick

· Environmental factors like dust and pollution levels

· Amount of rain and sun exposure

· Tree cover leading to pollen, sap, and debris

· Pitched vs low overhang roofs

As a good general rule though, Premier Power Cleaning recommends power washing houses with vinyl or painted wood siding and brick/stone exteriors in the Wexford PA area every 12-18 months.

Overhangs above porches and patios should be power washed every year if possible. These horizontal surfaces have exposure to weather from above and collect more grime more quickly. The roof overhang above your front door entrance will almost certainly need cleaning every year as well.

For homes with lighter vinyl siding colors or north-facing sides that don’t get intense sun exposure, you could likely go 24 months between house power washing sessions. But darker siding shows dirt much more readily and necessitates more frequent cleaning.

Brick and stone develops dark staining from mildew and mold over time. This biological soiling will only get worse unless removed by the chemical agents in power washing solutions. So brick and stone homes need a thorough power cleaning at least every 1-2 years.

How Often to Clean Other Outdoor Structures

In addition to your home’s siding and walls, other exterior structures like decks, fences, roofs, and sidewalks and driveways also require occasional deep cleaning sessions:


Decks should be power washed once a year. The horizontal floor boards collect pollen, dirt, mildew and more. The open slats allow crud to filter down onto the support joists too. Power washing pulls all this grime out.

Wooden decks with stains or sealants need cleaning before reapplying protective finishes every 1-2 years. And even composite and vinyl decking benefits from an occasional power cleaning.


Wood and vinyl fences both attract contaminants and grow mildew, though vinyl is more mildew resistant. Give fences a thorough power washing every 12-24 months.


Roof shingles have granular surfaces perfect for trapping dust, pollen and dirt. Light colored shingles with lots of sun exposure may need cleaned annually. Every 2-3 years is recommended on average.

Gutters and downspouts should be cleared of debris before power washing a roof so grime isn’t washed back into the gutters. And be careful walking around up there! Leave extremely high or steep roofs to the pros.

Sidewalks, Driveways and Patios

Any paved concrete or asphalt surfaces around your home’s exterior should be power washed every 1-3 years depending on the amount of buildup. Lightly soiled flat concrete may go years without needing much more than some spot cleaning.

But sidewalks, steps and driveways that see constant foot traffic, vehicle drips and wear require more frequent washings – every year or two for heavier staining. Oil drips and rust stains also necessitate more vigorous cleaning efforts.

Hire Wexford PA Power Washing Professionals

While DIY home power washing is certainly feasible, contracting professional exterior cleaning services like those offered by Premier Power Cleaning in Wexford PA provides many advantages you won’t get renting a washer from Home Depot or Lowe’s and trying it yourself.

Pro Power Washing Wexford PA bring commercial-grade machines far more powerful and effective than consumer models for rent. They have the right mix of nozzles, specialized chemicals, hot water capabilities, and knowledge of how to properly pre-wet, apply cleaners, rinse and dry surfaces without damage.

Technicians are extensively trained to provide full services safely, efficiently, and gently enough to not harm siding or outdoor construction materials. And professional staff carry full insurance coverage in case any mistakes or accidents occur.

Many power washing contractors like Premier Power Cleaning offer additional services beyond just exterior structure washing:

· Gutter cleaning

· Window and screen washing

· Rust removal

· Concrete cleaning and sealing

· Graffiti removal

· Fleet washing for boats, RVs, trucks, etc.

· Post construction cleanup

· Commercial services for retail buildings, office parks, etc.

For affordable rates from a fully licensed, insured and trusted local company providing power washing in Wexford PA, call Premier Power Cleaning today at (412) 838-4634 or contact them via their website to schedule an appointment for your home or business exterior cleaning needs.

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