LinkedIn Mastery: How to Improve Your Posts and Grow Your Network

One of my friends, Sophy wanted to advance her career and broaden her network. She had heard about LinkedIn and decided to set up an account.

Sophy didn’t know where to begin at first. She filled out her profile with basic information and hoped for the best. But nothing happened.

She met a colleague who had a thriving LinkedIn presence one day. He advised her to engage with others on the platform to expand her network.

She began to share relevant content and comment on other people’s posts. She also began networking with people in her industry and joining industry-related groups.

Her profile began to gain visibility. She began to receive more connection requests, and her content views and engagement.

She maintained her network by sharing her own insights and engaging with others on a regular basis. She established a strong presence on LinkedIn and was receiving new job offers and business opportunities.

Sophy had learned how to grow on LinkedIn and had opened new doors for her career because of her dedication and persistence.

Are you facing difficulty in engagement on LinkedIn like Sophy but want to open new doors as she did?

You are at the right spot because we are going to share with you tips and hacks.

Let us learn how to improve your LinkedIn posts and increase your engagement.

Before we begin…

Building relationships with customers and increasing company exposure are both possible benefits of the social networking platform LinkedIn.

Businesses utilizing LinkedIn can market to potential clients and partners by publishing captivating content and taking part in industry discussions.

Business owners can utilize LinkedIn to expand their professional network and email marketing list.

LinkedIn helps business owners majorly in-

  • Professional Networking
  • Brand Building
  • Lead generation
  • Advertising

This blog post serves as a guide for business owners who wish to use LinkedIn to strengthen their connections with their target audience and marketing campaigns.

Let’s get started…

The following should be in your mind if you want to improve your LinkedIn reach and engagement.

Profile Optimisation:

Making changes to your profile to improve your visibility, professionalism, and appeal to your target audience. When optimizing your LinkedIn profile, keep the following points in mind:


Because your headline is the first thing people see when they view your profile, it must be both interesting and informative. Use industry-specific keywords and highlight your unique selling proposition.

Background Photo:

Use your background photo to showcase your brand and personality. Use an image that corresponds to your professional image or industry.


Your summary is your opportunity to provide a brief overview of your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Include keywords relevant to your industry in this section to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP).


Include a detailed overview of your work history, including job titles, responsibilities, and accomplishments, in your experience section. To show your accomplishments, use action verbs and metrics.


Make sure your profile includes relevant skills. When recruiters and potential clients are looking for professionals with specific skills, this will help you appear in search results.

To further understand this, let’s use a simple example.

linkedin skills


Recommendations from colleagues and clients can help boost your credibility and professionalism. Contact people you’ve previously worked with and ask them to write a recommendation for you.


Adding your interests and hobbies to your profile can help you network with people in your industry and display your personality. Maintain professionalism and relevance to your brand.

Here’s an example of the interests section of one of the top creators.

top linkedin content creators

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can assist you in making more connections, standing out to potential employers or clients, and developing your professional brand. Maintain an up-to-date and relevant profile and engage with your network on a regular basis by sharing content and participating in discussions.

The below is the example for well optimised LinkedIn Profile.

charles miller linkedin

There are few basic practises to follow when curating your LinkedIn page, Let’s get to know them now.

Post content Frequently:

Posting quality content frequently will help you to fetch more clients as viewers can know quality of your content through your posts.

Try to post at least 2 posts per week, this will help to build momentum. If you are not someone who is not available to create content and post them every day, prepare batch content and post it on LinkedIn.

Content need not always be in long paragraphs, you can also create polls, create motivational posts. Post images, videos, and infographics as well.

Let us get a clear picture on how the polls can be with an example.

linkedin poll examples

As in the above image, try to have interactive posts on your LinkedIn page, which leads in achieving maximum visibility.

As I have mentioned earlier, it is very important to establish a trusted, consistent voice by posting at least 2-3 times a week if you are unable to post once or twice every day.

Use rich, eye-catching visuals:

It’s a proven fact that posts with eye-catchy and rich visuals doing well on LinkedIn comparatively the posts which do not have any visuals.

Ask thoughtful questions that encourage comments:

Asking thoughtful questions will help your engagement with your target audience. Make sure you not asking any vague and boring questions. Try to ask questions which triggers the audience thought process to further learn about that topic.

Take advantage of the content suggestions tools:

It is advisable to create the content with help of content suggestion tools. Make sure the entire content is not AI generated.

Follow Triple S rule:

Be conscious while creating content. Keep your content Short, Sweet and Spicy.

Don’t keep on posting about a single topic more than it requires. Keep the post as crisp as possible as people don’t like to spend too much time on the post if it is too long.

People spend their time in other socials but on LinkedIn they invest their time.

Audience after investing their precious time on your post, they should feel it is worth it.

Use 4-1-1 rule:

This rule is basically creating a pattern for posting content on LinkedIn. For every 6 sales you create, four posts should either entertain or educate. One post should be soft sell and one post should be hard sell.

Add Hashtags:

This hack works well. Use relevant hashtags to associate your content with ongoing conversations and existing communities.

Post only relevant hashtags be specific. Post only those hashtags which will be relatable to your post.

Respond to comments:

Start responding to the comments. These will help you to gain more followers in the long run and those followers can even be your clients as well. This is why it is said quality content matters than quantity, as your content can play the role of Portfolio.

Increase page awareness and subscribers with newsletters:

You can gain attention of the audience by providing valuable content. Newsletter should provide value to the audience. Sharing valuable tips, tricks, hacks, and insights will help you to establish you as an expert in the relevant industry.

I can sense you now, you’re feeling it would be great if you know about the top LinkedIn creators to get an idea on how to post content.

No worries, here are few top creators:

  • Jasmin Alic
  • Matt Barker
  • Sophie Miller
  • Lea Turner
  • Sam Szuchan
  • Charles Miller
  • Dina Calakovic
  • Richard van der Blom
  • Ash Rathod

Analysing these creators’ profiles will help you in generating new ideas for content creation.

Are you lost in the above content or is it overwhelming?

Let me help you in summarising.

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • Be Consistent
  • Post quality content
  • Use rich, eye-catching visuals
  • Ask thoughtful questions that encourage comments
  • Take advantage of the content suggestions tools
  • Follow Triple S rule
  • Use 4-1-1 rule
  • Add Hashtag
  • Respond to comments
  • Create a Newsletter to grow subscribers

This is how you can achieve LinkedIn growth for your profile.

LinkedIn growth for sure is not an overnight game changer. It will take time to grow. With consistency and dedication one can get desired result. As LinkedIn is not just a platform for professional networking and job hunt. This platform can also give an opportunity to connect with large mass in which you may find your business partner, Mentor or who knows maybe you can find meaningful friendships in this journey.

Happy networking!

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By: Manasa Srujana

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