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We always want the best for our loved ones, even when they have passed away. That’s why many families make it a point to regularly clean the memorial stones of their beloved departed relatives. We recommend the cleaning and maintenance of a headstones nyc should only be carried out by professionals who have the required level of expertise, knowledge and practical skills. However, if you wish to clean your loved one’s memorial stone, please ensure that you don’t use any materials that can damage the stone.

Care and Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the gravestone memorials every 4 to 6 years to prevent excess wear. It might surprise you to hear that gravestones shouldn’t be cleaned often. In fact, some experts recommend waiting 4 to 6 years in between cleanings. This prevents frequent wear from weakening the stone.
  • Write down the date you clean the gravestone so you can refer back to when you last cleaned it.
  • If the cemetery provides regular maintenance, ask them about how often they clean the gravestone.
  • Clear the growth around the gravestone. Cut back trees and vines that are growing over the catholic headstones, as well as any plants that make it hard for cemetery workers to mow around the stone.
  •  Although lilacs, roses, or hardwood trees make lovely additions to a      cemetery, if they’re too close to to the headstone, their roots can damage the stone. 
  •  Ask the cemetery for permission before you remove plants. They might have a groundskeeper that can clear the area of growth for you.
  • Leave flowers or memorial tokens if you’d like to honor a loved one. Ask the cemetery about their regulations before you decorate the footstones for grave site. If allowed, you might leave flowers, a candle, or a token that represents something your loved one enjoyed.
  • Many people leave special tokens of remembrance on holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays.

Cleaning Memorial Stones

Gently wash with water and a soft cloth the worst of the dirt. Simply wet a soft brush in a bucket of water and gently scrub away the debris from the stone. Be prepared, as this process may take a bit of time, even for a 4 foot square surface. Remember that water is the safest cleaning product to use on the stone. Any soaps or cleaners containing oils can penetrate into the stone and cause discoloration. Household glass cleaner can be used (once the worst of the debris is cleaned off) in order to give it a streak- free polished finish.


There is a perception that since granite and marble are such strong materials their surfaces can withstand chemical cleaning agents and wire brushes. Where in fact, the surfaces are best cleaned with simply water and a soft cloth. What some people may not be aware of, is that smooth polished monument surfaces can be easily scratched by strong bristles on a brush or permanently stained by chemical cleaners. Never use shaving cream or other household chemicals to clean the stone. Although they may highlight the inscriptions quickly during the cleaning process, they are harmful to the memorial stone in the long run. Some cleaners can even eat through a smooth polished granite finish. Power washers are also not recommended unless they are used by professional monument cleaners.

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