Explore The NBA Game Calendar And Plan Ahead

The NBA season is in full swing, with games happening almost every night across the league. As an NBA fan, it’s exciting to have basketball on TV so frequently, but it can also be overwhelming trying to keep track of when your favorite teams and players are competing.

Luckily, the NBA provides a game calendar on its website that allows fans to see the schedule for the whole season at a glance.

Using the NBA game calendar is a great way to plan and make sure you don’t miss any of the key matchups or primetime games. This article helps explore the NBA game calendar as a guide so that you can strategically maximize every exciting moment of the NBA season.

View the Entire Season Schedule at a Glance

The NBA game calendar shows all 1,230 regular season matchups, broken down by month, week and day for easy browsing. You can view the national TV schedule, which highlights the marquee games being broadcast on ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV. Furthermore, checking NBA scores today 2022, show you the latest results and standings as the season progresses.

There are also helpful filters so you can customize your view to only look at the schedule for a specific team or day of the week.

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Scanning through the calendar makes it simple to get a big-picture overview of the entire NBA schedule. You can immediately spot weeks that are jam-packed with must-see games across multiple nights. For instance, you might notice five big games across various networks scheduled on a Saturday and realize it’s going to be a great day to hunker down and watch basketball.

Find Marquee Games and Primetime Matchups

One of the most useful aspects of the NBA game calendar is that it highlights the marquee national TV games being broadcast on major networks like ESPN, ABC and TNT. These matchups get primetime billing because they feature star players or exciting teams that the league wants to showcase to a national audience.

Sync with Your Calendar

One of the most convenient aspects of the NBA game calendar is that you can sync it directly with your calendar on your phone, tablet or computer. This allows the key games you want to watch or attend to automatically populate your calendar with alerts so you never miss the action.

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Mark Must-See Games and Plan Watch Parties

The NBA game calendar becomes incredibly useful when coordinating watch parties with friends and family for big games. After scanning the NBA schedule, you can discuss which nights work best to get together based on everyone’s availability.

You may notice your local team is playing on ESPN against a top title contender like the Celtics in a couple of weeks. This would be a great game to invite friends over to watch, so you mark it in your calendar and start planning a watch party.

Strategize to Maximize Your NBA Viewing

For passionate NBA fans who want to attend every single game, reviewing the league’s schedule ahead of time enables strategizing to maximize how much basketball you can watch. Like constructing a game plan before tip-off, you can use the calendar to carefully plot out which nights to dedicate to taking in NBA action.

Follow Your Favorite Players

Beyond just your favorite team, many NBA fans also follow specific superstar players across the league who provide must-see entertainment every night they take the court. Fortunately, the NBA game calendar makes it easy to track individual players.

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Attend Can’t-Miss Games in Person

While TV viewing is great, there’s nothing quite like experiencing an electrifying NBA arena in person. From the buzz in the crowd during player introductions to feeling the energy down the stretch of a close game, catching a game live is a one-of-a-kind thrill.

The NBA schedule comes in clutch when it comes to getting tickets for can’t-miss matchups in your city. Postseason games can be pricey or sell out instantly, so planning based on the calendar is key. You may notice your team is hosting your rival, another title contender, right before the playoffs. This would be a game to splurge on seats near the court to get the best experience.

Travel to Road Arenas

Diehard NBA fans travel just about anywhere to watch their favorite team play a road game. The NBA game calendar is the key tool for mapping out a schedule to hit different arenas and cities throughout the season.

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You may live on the West Coast but have always wanted to visit legendary arenas like Madison Square Garden and TD Garden. Plan an East Coast road trip to see your local team play the Knicks and Celtics when they visit.

Use Off Nights to Catch Up

With over 1,200 games packed into just six months, from October to April, the NBA schedule can sometimes feel relentless. While it’s great to have so much exciting basketball, it’s also important for your well-being to take some nights off here and there.

After intensely following the league for several weeks straight, you may need a break to relax or catch up on other activities you’ve put off. Fortunately, the NBA calendar makes it easy to spot lighter game nights that provide a chance to recharge.


The NBA game calendar is an invaluable resource for both casual fans and hardcore basketball junkies. By mapping out the season schedule ahead of time, you can optimize your NBA experience and never miss those magical moments that live on in basketball lore. Circle the can’t-miss nationally televised matchups that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Plan your calendar around seeing your favorite stars shine in person and feeling that palpable playoff energy in the arena. Join together with fellow fans to watch and celebrate history being made before your eyes.

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