What Happened To Nikko Jenkins? Everything You Need To Know

Generation after generation proved that a family having theft, abuse and assault was nothing but trouble. This ran through the family of a bloody murder spree in Omaha, Nikko Jenkins who left his mark as the worst of them all.

Nikko Jenkins is one of the scariest individuals you’ll ever hear about and the same goes for his family. He is a serial killer who was convicted of four counts of first-degree murder. He committed all four murders within a month of being released from a ten-year prison sentence for robbery and assault.

Nikko Allen Jenkins is a murderer who claimed that he carried out his crimes at the command of Apophis, an Egyptian deity associated with chaos. In a handwritten letter, Nikko stated that he would fiercely and violently defend Apophis’s kingdom.

A quick overview of Nikko Jenkins

  • Nikko Jenkins had a long history of suffering from mental illness.
  • In 2013, Nikko Jenkins committed the murders of four people, with the assistance of his sister and mother in one of the killings.
  • While awaiting trial, Nikko attempted to carve a swastika symbol associated with Charles Manson into his forehead, and also tried to cut his tongue and carve the number 666 into his forehead, but ended up writing it backward and creating the number 999 instead.
  • While awaiting trial, Nikko also claimed to have sliced off a portion of his penis in an attempt to make it resemble the ancient Egyptian god Apophis.
  • The courts determined that Nikko was “faking” mental illness and sentenced him to death row in Nebraska.

Early Life of Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins, an American serial killer who was born in September 1986, was found guilty of killing four people in Omaha, Nebraska. He was born in Colorado, USA.

He was the son of Lori Jenkins and David A. Magee. He was raised with his two sisters, Erica and Melonie, and was exposed to criminal activity from an early age. He began committing crimes at a young age, starting with bringing a handgun to an elementary school when he was seven years old. His parents were responsible for those deeds.

Before passing away in 2009, his father David was found guilty of several offences, including making terroristic threats. On the other hand, in 2013, his mother was charged with possessing weapons.

Nikko was negatively impacted by all of that, yet he continues to blame his misdeeds on the Egyptian deity Apophis.

As early as age 7, he was jailed for bringing a gun to school. He received a 21-year sentence for carjacking nine years later. Nikko took part in a jail riot and assaulted a guard on duty twice.

Biography Of Nikko Jenkins

Full NameNikko Allen Jenkins
Date Of BirthSeptember 16, 1986
ProfessionSerial Killer
SpouseChalonda Jenkins
Zodiac SignVirgo
Eye ColourDark Brown
Place Of BirthColorado, USA
Current residenceNebraska, USA
Height5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)
Weight72 kgs (158 pounds)
FatherDavid Magee
MotherMartha Lori
SiblingsMelonie and Erica
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-wifeChalonda Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins Face and Tattoos

He is known for his facial tattoos, which he has claimed are written in the language of the Egyptian goddess Apophis.

He is a silly criminal who tattooed the number 666 on his face backward because he was looking in a mirror. Jenkins told the judge that he got the tattoo because he was not receiving treatment for his mental illness and requested the judge to ask the Nebraska State Patrol to investigate. However, the judge refused.

He already had a swastika tattoo which was inspired by notorious California killer Charles Manson.

His Married Life

His love life was not the happiest one. Nikko and Chalonda were wed in February 2010 at the Tecumseh State Prison. On August 7, 2017, they finally divorced after seven years of marriage. They spent only four weeks of their time together as a couple outside of prison. There is no mention of children in any records.

What Did His Sister “Erica Jenkins” Do?

Erica Jenkins was convicted of involvement in the murder of Curtis Bradford and three other murders that took place in Omaha in 2013. She is currently serving a life sentence for these murders, as well as for robbery related to the murder.

His Crimes

Nikko had a history of criminal behaviour, starting at a young age when he brought a gun to school which was a warning sign. When he was 15, he was sent to prison for 21 years for carjacking, but only served 10 and a half years. After being released from prison, Nikko was involved in several spree killings for two weeks. He lured Julian Uribe Pena and Jorge C. Cariga-Ruiz on August 13, 2013, under the pretense of having sexual encounters with them, but then shot them.

Four days after the murders of Julian Uribe Pena and Jorge C. Cariga-Ruiz, the body of Curtis Bradford was found. The investigation connected Nikko to Bradford’s murder due to their shared history in prison.

Nikko’s last victim was Andrea Kruger, whose body was discovered on the side of the road with multiple gunshot wounds. Nikko admitted to all of the murders during a lengthy and difficult interview that lasted for 8 hours.

CharacteristicsSpree Killer
Number of Victims4
Date Of MurdersAugust 11- August 21, 2013
Date Of ArrestAugust 29, 2013
Method of MurderShooting
Name of 1st VictimJorge Cajiga-Ruiz, 29,
Name of 2nd VictimJuan Uribe-Pena, 26
Name of 3rd VictimCurtis Bradford, 22
Name of 4th VictimAndrea L. Kruger, 33
Locations of CrimeOmaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, USA
StatusConvicted of four counts of first-degree murder on April 16, 2014

When Was Nikko Jenkins Arrested?

Nikko was arrested for making terrorist threats, which were reported by his wife. While investigating these threats, authorities discovered CCTV footage from a gun shop showing a woman purchasing guns that matched those used in the murders.

In November 2013, Nikko sent a handwritten letter to the Omaha World-Herald, prosecutors, and a judge confessing to all four killings and stating that he did them as a sacrifice to the Egyptian snake god Apophis.

Did Nikko Jenkins Really Kill 17 People Just for Staring at Him?

There is no proof to support the claim that Jenkins, a serial killer whose case gained widespread attention on the internet due to his intimidating appearance, killed 17 people because they looked at him. False or exaggerated claims spread on the internet easily. It is necessary to verify the credibility of any claims before believing or sharing them.

Trial And Conviction

Nikko admitted to committing the killings but also filed a lawsuit against the State of Nebraska claiming that they released him from prison too soon and failed to address his reported experiences of hearing voices from Apophis. In the lawsuit, he sought $24.5 million in damages.

Nikko and his wife both claimed that the authorities had not done enough to address his mental health issues and that he was not ready to be released from prison. Nikko also claimed that he suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, a medical evaluation found that he was pretending to have psychotic symptoms to be released from prison.

Is He Guilty?

Throughout his trial, Nikko claimed that he was under the direction of Apophis when he committed the crimes and confessed this in a handwritten letter, in which he stated that he would do anything to protect Apophis’ kingdom with “animalistic savage brutality.”

The jury rejected this defense and found Jenkins guilty on all four counts of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison for four murders for up to 500 years.

Judge Peter Battalion stated that this is one of the evilest killing sprees in the state’s history.

Since his imprisonment, Jenkins has been involved in several incidents of violence and disruptive behaviour, including attacking prison staff and attempting to escape. He has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been treated with psychiatric medication.

Nikko made several modifications to his body in honour of Apophis, including attempting to mutilate his penis to resemble the Egyptian god in 2015 and attempting to carve the number 666 on his forehead and slice his tongue to look like a serpent, both of which were unsuccessful.

He also splattered blood on his overalls and the walls.

Is Nikko Jenkins Still Alive?

In May 2017, Nikko was sentenced to death by a panel of judges for his crimes. However, it has been five years since the sentence was handed down and there have been no updates on his execution. Nikko was also sentenced to 450 years in prison on weapons charges related to the murders.

He is currently being held at the Nebraska Correctional facility, where his lawyers have argued that he is too mentally ill to be executed. While in prison, Nikko has reportedly mutilated himself in various ways, including carving the number 666 on his forehead although the numbers appeared as upside-down nines because he was using a mirror.

So when will Nikko Jenkins be hanged to death? His execution is not decided as the court cannot execute people with mental instability.

By: Richa Singh

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