The Top 4 Traits How to Create Stellar Ad Copy

A couple of years ago a marketing team was tasked with creating a new ad campaign for a local coffee chain. The team spent weeks coming up with clever taglines and brainstorming ideas, but nothing stuck. They were growing impatient and running out of time.

One day, a new team member suggested that they try a different approach. They should concentrate on the experience of drinking coffee rather than the coffee itself. They created a simple advertisement with a person holding a warm cup of coffee and the tagline, “Experience warmth in every sip.”

The advertisement was a smashing success. Customers responded emotionally to it, and sales increased drastically. The team discovered that the best ad copy is not always the most clever or creative, but instead the one that appeals to the customer’s emotions and desires.

Do you want to increase your sales as well?
Continue reading this blog until the end to get a better understanding of what should be included in your ad copy to attract more customers.

A small note before we begin…

Many businesses, nowadays target and reach out to social platforms to generate more sales. Using this as an advantage creating an amazing ad copy complements the business to directly land on Google’s top searches.

Landing on Google top searches = High chances of conversion.

Most of the emerging businesses try to scale online and grow their profitability.

Majority of the businesses concentrate on posting an ad online.

But what makes your ad copy compelling?

What makes your prospects convert as your customers?

In this post, I am going to share with you how to write compelling advertising copy that converts and magnetically attracts more customers.

Things to keep in mind while drafting a stellar ad copy.

Reflect the visitor’s end goal:

Headlines of an ad copy play a crucial role. Most businesses fail to have eye catchy, attractive, and compelling headlines which push the prospect to click on the ad copy.

A compelling ad copy should contain headlines that sync with the visitor’s end goals.

While creating an advertisement copy

  • Know your target audience,
  • Concentrate more on their end goal,
  • Think about how your headline can fulfil their end goal.

Let us look at an example to get more clarity,

advertising copy examples

Who do you think will be the target audience for this type of ad copy?

Of course, someone who wishes to clear their wardrobe space and have new clothes, right?

Look at the headlines and usage of keywords in the above ad copies.
Aren’t they targeting their target audience?

Yes. It’s obvious.
“Sell and Save” will magnetically attract the visitors to click on the page to know how they can sell and save at the same time.

Benefits are more important than features:

Let your visitors know how your product will benefit them. Ultimately, the goal of advertising is to attract more customers. To make sure you get more customers the ad copy should be about your customers’ end goals and not about your brand image or features of your brand.

Let me help you understand this with an example,

nykaa ad copy

Just peek into the above ad copy. If you observe it, you could have understood what strategy they have used to attract more clicks and customers.

Who doesn’t want to save money?
Who doesn’t like discounts?

I can confidently say 0% of people don’t wish to save money.

So, the strategy used in the above copy can be seen in the first two lines of the description in the ad copy. This description will attract the customers who wanted to buy products which they would have thought to purchase but couldn’t purchase due to high price and pushes the customers to purchase more products as they are available on discount.

If we break out the above ad, we can clearly see,

  • Big Brands, Big offers
  • 50% off on 2100+ brands
  • Why pay full price?

These are a few tactics that are used to attract customers. Human psychology plays a wide role in marketing. Use psychology and hit the right trigger points to convert the prospects into customers.

Use FOMO technique

As I earlier said, human psychology plays a wide role in marketing, make the prospects feel the fear of missing out (FOMO).

In the above ad copy, “Ends in 5 hours” is going to create the FOMO.
Likewise have a live countdown and create fomo which will push the prospects to convert as your customers.

Try to trigger their emotions

Make an ad copy that emotionally triggers the target audience and makes them take immediate action.

Not all audiences will be visiting the page with the intention to buy. But the ad copy you make should trigger their emotions and push the visitors to become customers. In short, your ad copy should compel the prospects to become your customers.

Do you know why this technique works?
It’s simple. People do not always go with their logic they do rely on their emotions also.

Let’s use an example to further clarify this.

advertising copy examples

Observe the above ad. Don’t you think the keyword “pocket-friendly” will grab the attention of visitors and compel them to click on the ad?

It definitely will.
Such ad copies undoubtedly increase clicks and converts.

Considering how many new and expanding businesses there are every day, having a stellar ad copy is crucial for expanding the business and generating sales.

In conclusion, writing excellent ad copy is an essential component of any successful marketing campaign. Ad copy that is attention-grabbing, persuasive, and ultimately drives conversions can be created by following the tips outlined in this blog post.

Are you puzzled by the preceding content?
Let me summarise for you.

  • Remember to know your target audience and reflect the visitor’s end goal,
  • Benefits are more important than features.
  • Use FOMO technique.
  • Try to trigger their emotions.

Try these amazing yet simple hacks to convert more visitors into customers and you are all set to rock your revenue.

Are you tired of mediocre ad copy that fails to convert?
It’s time to step up your marketing game with attention-grabbing ad copy that gets results. But the question is whether you want us to show you how.
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By: Manasa Srujana

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