2024 ADU Cost: Complete ADU Development Expense Analysis

Author: Atteeq ur rahman

The average cost to build an ADU as a new construction is estimated to range from $146,500 to $216,500. Alternatively, a 2-car garage, ADU, usually comes at relatively low costs, ranging between $111,750 and $158,750. These estimates include design and planning, city fees, construction labor, materials, and all finish materials.

The most common question we get as ADU professionals is: How much is the cost to build an ADU? After an initial consultation, most people who seek to build an ADU are shocked by the actual rates. In most cases, the real cost of ADUs does not correspond to what they have read on various online forums or heard from contractors. First of all, it is crucial to note that establishing an ADU resembles developing a new residential building. Thus, the procedure and the costs involved are just like those that one incurs while developing a new home after making a few modifications.

Cost to Build an ADU: Design and Planning Costs

Before the commencement of construction, you shall require architectural design drawings or plans, including engineering calculations and energy audits. The range of costs attributed to the design and planning is between $6000 and $14,000 due to varying levels of project complexity and different design preferences.

City Fees

It is necessary since ADU development involves getting permits and fees for the city. These fees, which include plan checks and permits, range between $3000 to $11k depending on the location where one is situated as well as the requirements of a project.

Construction Labor and Materials

Labor and material costs make up a large part of ADUs’ costs. Construction prices vary between $175 and $350 per square foot depending on the type of ADU being built, the building material used, etc. New construction ADUs tend to be more expensive than garage conversions, depending on the cost of labor and materials.

Finish Materials

These finishes include flooring, countertops, and cabinets that add value to your ADU. Planning the spending on finish materials is also essential, as their prices vary from $50-$100 per square foot. Material costs are significantly affected by the elements of quality and design preferences.

Key Factors Influencing Costs

Various factors affecting the cost of building an ADU include project scale, construction methods, existing property settings, and utility connections. New construction ADUs are usually more expensive than garage conversions because they require site preparation and additional infrastructure requirements.

ADU Budgeting Tips

Budgeting is critical in ADU projects to ensure adequate finances and avoid overspending or unplanned costs. Choose your budget allocations based on the importance of different projects, investigate financing options, and create a contingency plan to ensure that all project costs have already been factored into. It is always a question to consider whether the construction of an ADU will impact property value. The increase in the property value of residential real estate through an ADU is due to its extra living space and several opportunities to utilize it as rental income. Analyzing the effects on property values requires consultation with real estate professionals conversing with local market conditions.

Levi Construction: Your Reliable Partner for ADU Development

Why choose Levi Construction? Professionals at Levi Construction are not just a construction firm; you can trust them in every aspect of your ADU creation. Over the years, Levi Construction has established its name in precision and customer satisfaction for services more than any other company can provide. Levi Construction’s professionals can easily analyze the cost to build an ADU for you so you do not have to experience any inconvenience later, and you will also get quality materials and services at the lowest cost possible.

Total Cost To Build An ADU

New Construction ADU (499 Sq.ft.) Design and Planning: $7,500-$9,000 City Fees: $4,000-$5,000 Construction Labor and Materials: $112,500 – $157,500 Finish Materials: $22,500 – $45,000 Average Total Costs: $146,500 – $216,500 Garage Conversion ADU (2 Car Garage) Design and Planning: $6,500 – $7,500 City Fees: $4,000 – $5,000 Construction Labor and Materials: $78,750 – $101,250 Finish Materials: $22,500 – $45,000 Average Total Costs: $111,750 – $158,750


The cost to build an ADU may seem formidable initially, but it’s important to remember that when you work with Levi Construction, you buy a structure and a new lifestyle. Rest assured that your ADU is budget-friendly and advantageous because we have the transparency of our actions, innovative solutions, and a focused approach to success as a commitment to excellence.

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